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Them Others - Ostrich-Back-Riding album mp3

Them Others - Ostrich-Back-Riding album mp3
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    Them Others
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    January 1, 2001
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Ostrich riding is precarious. The groom drags the squawking bird near to the rail with a bag over his head. You climb aboard and hold onto the two large wings for dear life. You're encouraged to lean way back; it feels like you will fall to your death only to be trampled by a vengeful ostrich, and yet you don't. The groom yanks the bag off its head and off it goes, the groom cheering as he chases after you. The bird doesn't seem to mind, running in circles around the yard in a game of tag with the groom. Afterward, we were treated to a professional show of two ostrich jockeys racing them down a racecourse.

The ostrich is the largest and heaviest bird in the world: adult males can grow up to two and a half meters tall and weigh more than 150 kilos. Improvised safaris on some farms allow tourists to practice a funny and rather unusual sport: ostrich-riding. The wings are very small and do not allow them to fly, but they do help in propulsion, for balance when running, and also to fend off potential predators. Their long, powerful, muscular legs are designed for running and help them reach speeds of up to 90 km/h.

Ostrich Riding is one Zany Adventure. Our tour started off amazingly well at the Cango Ostrich farm. It was just Dave and I and another guy from the US. We were feeling good that we'd have plenty of time to take photos and video of these long-legged feathered friends. Our guide started to talk to us about raising ostrich and how valuable their leather, feathers and eggs were. It was an interesting introduction as we sat in the air-conditioned presentation room. And then it happened. Crazy Thrill Ride on an Ostrich. After I said yes, to riding, I actually had second thoughts. Especially when our guide made the disclaimer If you break your arm, your leg or your neck, we are not responsible. What was I thinking? Actually, I didn't have time to think, I was suited up in blue overalls, a put on that bird so quickly, that I didn't have a chance to take in what was happening. I didn't know what to expect.

I have a few questions regarding ostrich riding. Ostrich skeletons were not designed to have a 65kg weight dumped on it's back out of the blue. I would imagine that some spinal damage may occur, but I'm sure the farms would disagree. An ostrich neck has no nerve endings and they therefore have no feeling in it, and very few blood vessels. When two males fight, the windpipe is moved to the back, so to protect it from the massive kick strikes. The breastplate is like concrete, with about 3cm of solid bone protecting the chest from that toenail again. za - it is the only working ostrich farm, all the others are merely show camps.

The ostrich (Struthio camelus) is a large flightless bird that lives in Africa. They are the largest living bird species, and have the biggest eggs of all living birds. Ostriches do not fly, but can run faster than any other bird. They are ratites, a useful grouping of medium to large flightless birds. Ostriches have the biggest eyes of all land animals. Ostriches have long legs and a long neck, but they have a small head.

A saddle or crafted saddle can be applied to an adult ostrich so it can be ridden. Ridden ostriches can be controlled with the standard directional controls, jump (defaults to spacebar), and the mouse. A whip can be used when riding an ostrich to give it a short speed boost. Using a whip when not riding it will make it remain stationary and have its head in the ground. If used again, the ostrich will pull its head from the ground and begin moving once more.

OUDTSHOORN, SOUTH AFRICA - JANUARY 3, 2015: Unidentified people doing Ostrich riding at the Cango Ostrich Farm. Photo Taken On: January 03rd, 2015. Riding ostrich race festival Ostrich with kids Ostrich carrying a young girl on his back 002 Vietnamese man in traditional straw hat is riding an ostrich Travelers skating on ostrich, Vietnam Tourist riding an ostrich International Camel Races in Virginia City, NV, US. Related categories.

Ostrich leather is the result of tanning skins taken from African ostriches farmed for their feathers, skin and meat. The leather is distinctive for its pattern of bumps or vacant quill follicles, ranged across a smooth field in varying densities. It requires an intricate, specialised and expensive production process making its aesthetic value costly.

Safari Ostrich Farm is a working ostrich farm in Oudtshoorn which offers ostrich farm tours, restaurant & shopping in the Garden Route, South Africa. On the R328 road, 6 km from Oudtshoorn towards Mossel Bay+27 (0)44 272 7312.


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